Saba Freestanding Lima Stone Bathtub 1500mm – Affordable Luxury

freestanding-stone-bath-Woollahra-NSW-2025-11The bathroom is the new frontier for design, and the Saba freestanding lima stone bathtub 1500mm would be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Lima stone is an engineered composite material that combines natural stone and synthetic aggregates which deliver the superior strength that is expected of high-quality stone bathtubs. When you prefer the luxury of a stone bath but cannot afford solid stone, a lima stone bath is probably your best bet at affordable luxury.

Bathing benefits

A long warm bath at the end of a long day is something worth investing in. Lima stone is natural and smooth to touch, providing just the right amount of comfort you need. It also has good heat retention so you can enjoy your long bath without worrying about the water going cold before you’ve had enough. In addition, the internal bathing space of a lima stone bath is a lot more spacious than other types of bathtubs and since it does not require feet below, it provides greater depth without increasing its height. This makes for the perfect deep bath for the spa-like experience you need.


Another advantage of lima stone is that it is non porous, which meansĀ you will not have to deal with bacteria, fungi or mold. It is also stain-resistant and has a natural color that lasts. Although nicks, stains, cuts and scratches could permanently damage most other surfaces, lima stone baths are strong and resilient against such damage. In case of minor or accidental damage, stone bathtubs can easily be repaired on site, saving you a lot of time and trouble. Be sure to ask your supplier for a warranty when purchasing it to take care of minor damages once the bathtub is installed.


Note that like any freestanding stone bath, you will need to ensure your bathroom can comfortably accommodate the tub. Fortunately the Saba lima stone bathtub is designed for installation against a wall, so you should have no problem fitting it in a smaller-sized bathroom. However, the plumbing should be done by a professional, as this could easily lead to future problems if not done right. Fortunately, the bathtub is designed to lie flat on the floor, concealing the plumbing.



You can easily return the surface of your bath tub to its original state with mild sanding and polishing. Routine cleaning will also ensure that the color of your bath is retained for a long time without losing its brilliance. Note that when hard water dries on the surface, this could create a blotchy appearance. A mild abrasive cream cleanser and damp sponge or cloth can be used to wipe it clean. Remember to wipe it clean afterward to prevent the blotchy look from developing again.


The Saba freestanding lima stone bathtub 1500mm has an impressive designer look that makes it the ideal centerpiece for any modern bathroom. Simple and stylish, the bathtub is available in true high gloss and matte white finish. Getting matching bathroom accessories will create the perfect spa-like environment – where style and comfort come together.